Research Internship


Here you will find information about the mandatory Research Internship (15 ECTS) during the Master programme, as well as some examples of internship research reports.


The MA internship gives you the opportunity to test actual new media practices against new media theory. During a minimum of three months you will work within a company, a governmental, educational, cultural organization, an NGO or any other place where new media play a significant role, and you will be asked to reflect upon your activities by producing an internship research report, based on a carefully designed research question. This report should be the result of a critical analysis of the working experience from an academic perspective.
During the internship you will be working on two tasks: work assigned by your internship supervisor, and a research report that tackles an academically driven question in the context of your internship. The way you are going to handle both tasks is described in detail in an internship dossier, which you are required to have approved by your tutor before you start working. The final internship research report is written under turorial guidance, within at least eleven full-time weeks.
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