The New Media & Digital Culture Master Programme welcomes students who are eager to learn, participate and co-operate within the academic field of Media Studies.

Application deadlines: Foreign students have to apply before September 1 (if you want to start the Master in February) or before April 1 (if you want to start in September). Dutch students have to apply before October 15 (for a February start) or before April 1 (for a September start).


Admission is granted to those who demonstrate basic knowledge, insight and skills in:

  • the position and functioning of new media in culture, society, and politics
  • the analysis of digital communication in all its guises
  • quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • hands-on new media practices

Students who have the completed the minor Game Studies or the minor Cultuur, Communicatie en Media Studies are admitted to the programme.

Students holding a Bachelor’s diploma in Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Communication and Information Studies and Language and Culture Studies (with a specialisation in New Media and Digital Culture) from Utrecht University meet the requirements listed above, if they have successfully completed the following courses:


  1. History & Theory of New Media (Geschiedenis en theorie van de nieuwe media) - level 7.5 ECTS
  2. Philosophy of Media & Communication (Filosofie van media en communicatie) - 7.5 ECTS
  3. Two courses in the field of New Media & Digital Culture, or alternatively one course and a Bachelor thesis in the field of New Media & Digital Culture.

An admissions committee will determine whether you will be admitted to the programme.

If you have an other BA degree or a degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO diploma) you can gain admission by demonstrating to have acquired comparable competences, or by entering the preMaster's programme (open to owners of a Dutch BA degree only). The preMaster is tailored to the New Media & Digital Culture Master’s degree programme and comprises no more than 60 ECTS.
To learn more about the application requirements and procedures, please see the Faculty admission website: Nederlands | English.
More contact information about admission details is available on our website here.