Tutor application class September 2013 - Archive


As the original post with tutor applications from the class of September 2013 had to be 404'd (it generated a Fatal Error because of too many comments -- yeah, we know...) here is its archive, rescued from the database.

Keywords: open data; data visualisation; network theory and politics

My current interests in the field of new media lie in doing research making use of the large amounts of (open) data now available online. I work part time for EMMA Communicatie (http://www.emmacommunicatie.nl/), a company that does research for governmental institutions. This usually entails some form of data mining, visualisation and analysis to map parts of the network society; a very important notion for EMMA.

I will therefore do my internship at EMMA Communicatie. I want to critically assess the tools we use and other available tools we might not yet know of. I am particularly interested in the dilemma between looking purely at the content of messages and looking at overall patterns. When comparing individual messages we are able to say more about what is being discussed online, but lose track of how important this particular topic is overall. A (very) tentative question I may ask is: could there be ‘direct visualisation’-based software (Manovich’s term) that forms a bridge between these two extremes?

My personal preference for a tutor would go out to Mirko Tobias Schäfer, considering his involvement with the Utrecht Data School and his previous experience with some of EMMA’s employees.

Kevin Willemsen (3685519).


Keywords: Ludology, Game literacy, Participatory Culture

I am interested in the rules of play, and particularly in (online) games. How do game rules (ludology*) influence or afford the way players interact with a game. To give an example, my bachelor thesis looked at the interaction between developers and gamers on several platforms (the online game Guild Wars2, its official forums, etc), and how this interaction, the negotiations of rules, influenced rule making in the game.

I’m also interested in the way people understand games (game literacy*). In popular media (forming the popular discourse), there is still a need to explain games, indicating there is a lack of media (more specific ‘game’) literacy. This whole area of ‘understanding games’ in specific contexts (such as narratology vs ludology debate, game design, participatory culture*) is for me an interesting field.

I would somehow prefer to do an internship at a game developer/studio, but I am not sure why or how they will use me. My preference for a tutor would go to either René Glas, who has done research on rules and agency in the online game World of Warcraft, or Joost Raessens, because of his contribution to the field with The Ludic Turn.


Joeri Taelman (4112334)


Keywords: visual digital culture, urban culture, software studies, interface culture & design, transmedia storytelling

Abstract: My main interest for an internship and/or research lies in bringing the theoretical part (academic theory, UU), culture (general public) and practice (the making/creating) together. I fell in love with the work of medialab SETUP Utrecht during my bachelor internship(later my work), and I would very much like to continue working/doing research in similar organizations.

What I find very interesting is the idea of making both theory and practice of new media and technology accessible, comprehensible, attractive even sexy for anyone. For people who are already interested in the subject, but also for people who are completely new to the subject. Hence my participation in organizing this year’s Media of Tomorrow and the NMDC E-book. How can we translate, communicate, embed academic theory and technical processes into accessible and comprehensible cultural activities/ creative events?

Examples of practises and organizations that I find incredibly interesting are STRP festival, Impakt, SETUP events, Media of Tomorrow, New Media Magazine, Mediamatic, Cinekid (for professionals), Playgrounds Festival, de Waag Society, The Subtlemob, BYOB, Fablabs, FIBER, Freemote festival, Born Digital and Virtueel Platform.

Lara Coomans 3484017


Keywords: transmedia storytelling, corporeal media, computer graphics, virtual worlds, visual digital culture, participatory culture

My interests lie within the fields of gaming and gamestudies. Though there is also hardware related stuff that excites me (like the Oculus Rift), I aim to research game related topics. I am currently also working at the faculty of Science of University Utrecht and already observe a very old style of sending messages instead of web 2.0 messaging. By practical experience, I can say that a lot of companies (and also not companies, like University Utrecht) could use new media students to manage their social media marketing and use new formats of messaging (make a video instead of static websites), but that means the students will be helping companies make a cliché transition from old school to the new age of connectivity. Meaning that the research with those companies will probably be based on popular already written topics like social media and how companies can earn more money by free marketing.

I want to participate in new research, but also be really practical. I can definitely participate in smaller business and try to kickstart their buzz with social media and content creation. But it would also be awesome to work with editor functions for festivals or something (big fan of Imagine Festival, which I'm applying for right now for an internship, but also other festivals concerning digital,game,film topics).

Niels van der Grift


Keywords: new media art, social media, transmedia storytelling, e-book, digital magazine

My main interest for the research lies in the combination of new media technology and traditional media form.I would like to explore what has being brought by new media technology, art and aesthetics to traditional media especially newspaper and magazine.My bachelor was Journalism and my internship in China was work as a journalist in a local press,so what I'v learned is about journalist skills and practice.Now I still want to do some research related to media practice. I really love magazine edit and I'm interested in the application of new media technology and software on magazine edit.

I would like to do my internship in some international magazine companies and magazine companies I dream to go in Netherlands are FASHION BAZAAR in Amsterdam and VOGUE Nederland in Gilze.


Keywords: Digital play, Virtual worlds, Gender identity´╝îGame literacy

I am interested in the research of digital game play. How does it influence people in and out of the virtual(game) world, how the rule of play, design of game connect to people's understanding of game, and how does that impact people's behaviors in daily life.For example, how the marriage system in the game influence people's emotion in real life.

I especially want to focus on the gender identity represented in the digital game. What's the difference and similarity between male and female when they are involved in the game environment.For example, how the female character's appearance represent in the game, and how does that relate to male players.And what's the female player's role when she is using a male avatar.

I would like to do an internship in a game developing studio, to know how a game was developed, what kind of elements will be taken in the design process. I want to research a game from a female perspective, I think it would be interesting to challenge the somehow male dominated game world.

Xiaoyu Li (4057163)


Keywords: e-learning, gamification, serious games, digital play, transmedia storytelling, digital screens, mobile/wireless media

Abstract: I am interested in two different areas of research that can be applied in e-learning and it would be great if I’m able to do one of them for my internship. The first one is related to serious games, gamification, digital play. I would like to investigate the use of game or game elements in educational practices. Looking at how and why games, game (design) elements or instances of play can contribute to the teaching about all kinds of subjects or help them learn skills as they play is very interesting to me. The second area of research is related to transmedia storytelling, digital screens, mobile/wireless media. I would like to investigate the way people tell a story or story experience across multiple platforms, devices or screens for teaching or learning purposes, how the audience is engaged in the process and the role of mobile or wireless media in this. I believe that my research can be implemented within any company or organization who are developing/upgrading educational tools or practices or creating educational campaigns/products educational. I have a slight preference for publishers of primary or secondary school learning materials.

Wing Chin (3594378)


Keywords: New media literacy, media philosophy, corporeal media, interface culture & design, participatory culture

Abstract: I have a very broad research interests and experiences. With my previous HBO bachelor I focussed a lot on media practices from a commercial point of view (media is equal to succes), therefore I would like to explore the ethical and social implications of media technology. For example to conduct research on ambient technologies which surrounds us in both the private and public domain, gathering data about our lives. Additionally I’m interested in the importance of new media application in old-fashioned/orthodox spheres and in the development of different literacies within today’s media landscape.

I’m really figuring out which topic I want to focus on.


Stefan Heuvelmans


Key words: Urban culture - Social Media - New Media Literacy

Within the field of new media I’m really fascinated by the way new media technologies are influencing our society: the way we act, the way we communicate with each other and the way we navigate through the city. How are the old and familiar patterns in our life changed by new media, and how to deal with this? Within this subject I’m especially interested in the social effects/aspects of it, like ‘communication,’ 'social networks,' ‘connectivity,’ ‘public/private’ and ‘medialiteracy’.

During my Bachelor internship at Mediamatic I’ve learned a lot about new media use in the creative sector. Even though I’d like to work in the creative sector again, I want to use this internship to broaden my experience and learn about other job possibilities. So I’m looking for a different kind of company/organization right now. I’ve already seen some interesting intern jobs about social media marketing and community management. So I might heading in that direction.. Beside that I would like to work for organizations such as Mediawijzer, which are dealing with the social aspects of media and new media literacy.

Silke Klein Koerkamp - 3468682


Keywords: digital music, e-learning, e-health, participatory culture, serious games, social media

Abstract: I am interested in how new forms of media can have an effect on the daily life of people. For instance how fitness applications try to motivate their users, or how serious games are used to make a change in this world. But also from the people perspective, what messages do people want to get from an organization or why do people follow specific brands on social media. In my bachelor thesis I focused on how the use of Twitter by politicians influenced the political participation of citizens. By having a critical mindset I noticed that not everything that has to do with new media is per definition positive.

During my HBO study communications I worked in two semi-government organizations. As a volunteer I now work in a small non-profit organization. I am not the commercial “fast-money” kind of guy, so my preference will be a non-profit, semi-government, or government organization. I really want to focus on how new media affects  people’s lives.    
Best wishes,
Sebastiaan Schutijser


Keywords:  media philosophy, software studies, visual digital culture, participatory culture, data journalism,

In my previous work I've focused a lot on truth in media. whether knowledge is still power in today's society were information is easily accessible and whether its even possible for media to justify their own truthfulness. also i've written about indexicality of photography and digital values, but also about the truthclaim of journalistic pictures in relation to today's rules of manipulation.
before my bachelor of CIW, i've earned a Beng degree in media technology. There I learned the inner workings of a lot of media practices. I have quite a bit of practical experience working with 3D modeling, video, video-rendering, images, image manipulation and so on. During the internship i wrote an advise for the media companies on the dutch media-park situated in Hilversum with a standard for digital video exchange. with the help of the three major broadcast companies (RTL, NPO and SBS) this advise is now a standard.

I'd like the opportunity to make use of my practical experience with media-technologies as well as the theoretical knowledge gained during my time at the university. I think that, combined, there might be interesting forms if research I can because I won't have to look at the subject from the outside. i'm always interested in the ontology of media and the affordances they give. if possible from  perspective of truth claims and whether or not believed.

Kind regards,
Arend-Jan Westerhuis


Naast mijn master werk ik 2-3 dagen per week bij een mediabureau. We schrijven en versturen persberichten, nieuwsbrieven, digitale uitnodingen en maken websites, social media-pagina's, verzorgen mediamonitoring, sentimentmonitoring etc. Onze klanten variëren van Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, BMW, tot IKEA en Hornbach. Ik heb op mijn werk (http://www.n11.nl/) een stageplek aangeboden gekregen en wil dit graag aangrijpen. Ik ben erg geïnteresseerd in journalistiek, datavisualisaties, monitoring, new media literacy, maar ook gamification etc.
Ik ben nog op zoek naar een geschikte opdracht; wellicht kunnen jullie mij hierbij helpen?

Annelous Neven 3913031


Keywords: mobile media, social media, new media art, network theory and politics
I'm interested in how various new media forms changed our daily life, including communication modes, social activities, cultural influences,etc. We are now in a era of digital communication: chatting softwares, like skype, QQ; Social network sites(SNS)like Facebook, Twitter; and other online virtual communities. And now there is a trend that people communicate more from PC to mobile platforms, as a result, mobile media now control most people, the typical softwares are OTT applications,such as whatsup, line, wechat, etc. Meanwhile nearly all softwares, or SNS developed mobile versions for people to use in mobile phones or tablets. So we can see that in the future mobile media must be an important role in changing our world.
I used to work in China Mobile for one year, and I know the fast development of mobile phone users and a boom of various applications in mobile platform. Now I want to get a intership in Operation companies or social network companies to make a deep research about the impact of mobile media.

Kind regards,
Li Zhu


Keywords: participatory culture, social media, transmedia storytelling, visual digital culture

Abstract: I have a general interest in social media, having worked as a freelance social media manager for a number of small companies – I am fascinated by how organisations, companies and individuals use social media platforms to communicate messages with audiences online, how do they tell stories digitally and engage people in their ideas/ narrative?

However, I also have a specific interest in film, having worked for an independent documentary company & an arthouse film distributor in London for almost two years. Within these companies I worked on digital marketing, communications and distribution campaigns, so I am therefore interested in potentially focussing my research on fundraising, digital distribution and social media platforms such as Vimeo, Distrify, Kickstarter, Twitter & Facebook, which have enabled independent filmmakers to raise money and reach out to audiences in new and engaging ways.

I could return to the UK to undertake my internship with an 'impact producer' who works on high profile social justice documentaries (e.g. The House I Live In), but I would prefer to stay within the Netherlands, so organisations such as Movies That Matter, IDFA or other film or cultural festivals would be ideal for my area of interest.


Keywords: Augmented Reality, digital screens, gamification, mobile/wireless media, participatory culture, commercial economics (marketing, event management, advertising)

My current and main interest in the field of new media lies in the way new media technologies are rapidly making their emergence into our everyday lives. What I found interesting is the way these new technologies influence and change the way we communicate with each other, the way we act and think. Within this field of research I’m especially interested in the way these new technologies are used to accomplish different kind of goals, for example in marketing and advertising.

I found it therefore interesting to make both theory and practice of new media accessible and attractive, so it can be applied in cultural activities or in creative and marketing based events. I would like to participate in new media research, but also make use of it in a practical way. I hope my internship will help me with this so I can broaden my experience and knowledge and learn more about other possibilities within the field of new media.

Menno Wouters


Keywords: interface culture & design, computer graphics, software design, mobile/wireless media, participatory culture, new media literacy

Abstract: My research interest mostly lies into the graphical design of software applications. During my HBO bachelor I have learned to design interfaces and make software applications. In the master course Software Studies, I have noticed that the theoretical and practical side of software research becomes increasingly interwoven. Within the field of software research, I am interested in metaphorical value of interface elements and the role of mobile/wireless media software  in participatory culture. During my internship I would like to combine the theoretical and practical side of software research. Therefore, I would like to conduct my internship at a media company.

Mike van Stroe


Keywords: Social Media, Gamification, mobile/wireless media.

My main interests lie in the fields of social media and game studies. I’m interested in the way these are being put to use by companies to strengthen their relation with their customers and how these they make their brand better known. In general it’s the effect that social media and gamification have within the marketing strategies of companies that I would like to focus on. How are they using social media and what goals to they think they are achieving by this?

For my internship I would therefore like to investigate how strategies like that of gamification, can be of help to brands or businesses in establishing a good customer-brand relationship. An example that has been in the news just recently, is how The Netherland are envied by America because of their stamps collecting strategy. Which is something that could be seen as the gamification of the way people buy products, because they are selecting them to obtain certain collectables instead of buying them because they need them. Working on marketing campaigns that effectively insert ideas on social media and gamification, would be something I would want to do for my internship.

Joëlle Dirksz - 3684814


Keywords: data journalism, data visualization and open data

I have a passion for journalism. However, I have not really tapped into this interest before. I participated in the Utrecht Data School last year and enjoyed that very much. That is why I would say that my interests lie with data journalism, data visualization and open data.

I would very much like to find something in my internship that inspires me. A lot of the internships I have found so far seem to be limited to being a marketing and communication intern and setting up a social media campaign for instance. This worries me, because I would like to find an internship that goes a step further, digs deeper and looks at new media and technology in a critical way.

The articles written by Dimitri Tokmetzis about privacy, trackers and the visualization of all this are inspirational to me. It is safe to say that data is behind almost everything nowadays and I think that it is very useful, interesting and even necessary to be able to understand and analyze it.

Jolien van Hekke (3692817)


Keywords: Gamification, Social Media, Digital Strategies, Mobile/Wireless Media, Commercial Economics,

Abstract: Digital strategies as marketing strategies.

After having to take a theoretical approach in my previous study, it is imperative to me that we take a practical approach. My main interest is the way companies use new media / digital strategies (such as gamification or social media) for the sake of better sales, advertising, costumer loyalty, intern communication, etc. I feel that many companies have not yet fully adapted to the digital culture, and I am interested in finding out how they could improve this.

My internship would ideally take place at a renowned multinational company, that allows innovation. For instance: Rabobank, PWC, Alex/Binckbank, AON, HSBC, ABN Amro. It also find it important that, during my internship, I get awarded certain responsibilities. Of course I am hoping that my internship period will result in a job at the company in question.

The ideal tutor for me should have:
- profound knowledge of the theories and approaches I focus on in my research
- excellent communication/interpersonal skills
and, if possible:
- advantageous contacts/relations with succesful companies

Kind regards,
Orfeo Croese


Keywords: new media literacy, participatory culture, visual digital culture and social media.

Abstract: My main focus of interest at the moment is new media literacy, or any literacy that relates to our contemporary mediatized society. During my internships for Cinekid for Professionals and at the 'media literacy' department of the Dutch Sound and Vision Institute, my affection with the subject grew. (As I see it, media literacy covers also participatory culture, and also reflecting on social media use and a responsible use of for instance digital images in academic texts etc..) I find it interesting to research what is written about the subject in academic context, but as a subject that has ground in many disciplines, the practical side (media education) also has my interest: combine the theoretical with the practical.

During my internship at Sound and Vison, I mainly worked as a producer of media literacy related events (etc) and therefore during my internship this year, I want to focus more on the content. I worked closely with Mediawijzer.net and by getting to know the organization and their work, I hope to do my internship there.

Sanne Scholing


Keywords: Viral media phenomena, Gamification, network theory/politics, participatory culture, new media marketing

I would like to explore how organisations might effectively harness the viral potential afforded to them through new media and networked society. How might one effectively pursue the viral phenomena? Through the use of concepts such as Gamification and the structures afforded by social media?

I would like to undertake my internship in Munich, at a company that is open to the concept of engaging new media and marketing strategies alongside traditional methods. I want to be able to bring a new perspective (i.e. a contemporary understanding of gamification and viral marketing concepts) to what might be an otherwise tired approach.  

Benjamin Borrow


Keywords: Digital play – digital cartography – locative media – transmedia storytelling
My interests at the moment are divided between two fields of research: digital play and digital cartography. My focus on digital play is specifically on the ways digital play crosses conventional borders into our daily lives. For instance, the element of play is present in mobile applications that aren’t really games but do persuade their users to do something by adding a playful element.      
The second field of research I am interested in is digital cartography and locative media. It is interesting to examine the role that spatial locations have started to play in our use of media. Your geographical position is used to recommend nearby restaurants and makes it possible to calculate a route to take with public transportation.
Ideally, my internship would combine this element of play with digital cartography and locative media. I am currently looking for companies or institutions that correspond with these research interests.

Jurre Eshuis


Keywords: (transmedia) storytelling, identity, virtual worlds, digital play, media philosophy

Abstract: For the final paper of the Game Studies Course I just dealt with the topic of the ludic identity within the game “The Sims”. I noticed that I am really interested in the field of identity and storytelling. I especially like the idea of referring to these topics in the context of virtual worlds. Still, I can also imagine to examine them again/from a different perspective in terms of games and play.
I would like to do an internship at a radio station which might not totally fit the topic of my research. On the other hand, I could imagine that storytelling is also a topic concerning the radio, maybe in contrast to television, e.g.: How can stories be told just using audio content and no visuals? What are the differences? What impact does this have on the process of identification?
Still, I am not sure yet, if I really want to do some research on the radio for my master thesis or if I will rather focus on the storytelling and identity aspect within films, games or books.

Antje Ziska 4097289


Keywords: data vizualisation, mobile/wireless media, open data, participatory culture, big data

Abstract: After writing my paper for Software studies about Big Data, its uses and its characteristics, I became very interested in this subject. It is a very relevant topic, but I noticed that the social side of Big Data is very much reliant on so called ‘social data’ generated on, and provided by social media websites. I want to further explore the connection Big Data can have with mobile applications or how it can be harnessed even further for a ‘true’ social cause.

My themes will always be tied to people or ‘the social’. That is why the participatory culture is an interesting topic as an input. In relation to Big Data I already researched how crowdsourcing can help to make the characteristics of Big Data more social and maybe it is time to make it a bit broader and useful.

As for an internship, I do not think that a developer of mobile applications is the place for me. I want to develop skills that are not so technical but again bound to ‘the social’. So there is a big chance my internship will not be where my thesis is written but a place where I again can learn other skills. Anne-Sophie Lehmann will be my preferred choice for a tutor if she is available.

Bram Molenaar | 3935612


Keywords: Interactive documentary, visual culture, serious games/e-learning, virtual worlds, mobile media, open/big data, social media

I have diverse research interests when it comes to new media. I am still discovering the different research fields. My background is in Visual Anthropology, in which I used the medium of film to research culture. During Software studies I got interested in how people are using smartphone applications to record their everyday lives and collect personal data on their own bodies. In the game studies course I was interested in serious games, interactive documentaries, and also autobiographical games. Particularly I´m interested in how games can be used as a storytelling technique, or as a teaching tool for the user to gain insight about a complex problem.

I am looking for an research internship where I can combine theory with practice. I have been looking at internship at Idrops, Submarine, Setup, Waag Society,  Apps for Europe or Mobile for good challenge. I’m also interested in working at an non-profit organization, for example pifworld.nl. I’ve also looked into a project of Warchild on e-learning in Sudan.

Maaike van Heijningen


Keywords: digital play, playful media, participatory culture, open data, mobile-wireless media

In my last two papers I have focussed on the relationship between open data, open access and developments like open source hardware and citizen science. Hopefully, my internship will be be at the Open Wetlab in the Waag Society, where I would like to continue my research on biohacking and participatory culture from a play perspective. I am wondering how the playful collection of digital data can be designed and used in ways that stimulate learning and civic engagement. What theories and concepts from a play perspective can shine light on this development?

My master thesis will probably continue with this relationship. For instance to research how networked groups and mobile applications can contribute in playful knowledge production, how is it legitimised and what this playful participation mean on a macro-level in the relationship between institutions, non-professionals?

I would like to  have Joost Raessens as my tutor, given his experience in this field and my previous experience with his mentoring.
Stephanie de Smale (3651061)


Keywords: data journalism, data visualisation, e-learning, gamification, serious games

My current interests lie in two areas; learning and journalism. After working in a commercial environment writing content, I realised I would like to really do more constructive work. My mother has been a teacher for almost 40 years and we talk a lot about learning and teaching. I was surprised to see that she does not see the advantages new media can have for learning but I think there is still so much room for growth. This is why I would love to do an internship for a company like ThiemeMeulenhoff to really help create new ways of learning that are fit for the way we learn nowadays.

My second interest is journalism and everything new media brings to the table in this field. Having written a paper on data visualisation made me curious as to what else we can do to communicate better with readers. The combination of traditional media and new media is really appealing to me.  Having a general interest in science and traveling, I would love to do an internship at for example National Geographic magazine.
I’m still encountering a lot of interesting stuff, though, so I’m still not completely sure what I want.


keywords: augmented reality, computer graphics,digital archives, digital music, digital play, gamification, interface culture & design, media philosophy, new media literacy, participatory culture, software design, software studies, transmedia storytelling, virtual worlds.

I have a very broad interest, I have followed a minor in language philosophy and logics and I also followed courses in cognitive psychology and non-western philosophy. What I find most interesting is our perception on reality, our own body is a medium, it's limits shape our understanding of the world around us. I have always been very interested in the essence of things, what is an objects true identity/meaning however you want to refer to 'what the thing is in itself and how media can distort our perspective, but also on the other hand help us understand things. I have a preference for media that have a sense of interactivity, especially games as they give the possibility to explore completely different things, different versions of ourselves. This also brings me to the notion of posthumanism, I haven't had the chance to really explore that theme, which I think is also very interesting. Lastly I want to add that I have background in music, which I would very much like to engage again.

- Stéphanie Veldman, 4125738


Keywords: media archeology, media philosophy, new media literacy, participatory culture, virtual worlds

Abstract: I would like to combine my master thesis with the research I have to do for my other master (Master of Music: violin). I already discussed a research proposal with my coach at the conservatory and this is what I am thinking about to do:
The practices of classical music concerts have had various functions throughout the centuries, a concert was for instance a way to bring people together or to tell stories. In our current digital era, media such as the telephone, the movie and social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) have made these functions superfluous and so classical concerts have become now almost ‘unnecessary’. I therefore want to examine what features concerts (and hence classical music) have today and whether modern concert practices need changes to meet the needs of the post-modern public.
Of course, this is not a definite version of the proposal (it is also much too broad), but this could be a way to combine the two disciplines. An internship could be done at a cultural organization or maybe at a news broadcasting company.

Anna Sophie Torn