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Run for your life: An examination of Zombies, Run! and the use of narrative persuasion in exergames


This paper explores theories of rhetoric within play and games, and critically assesses Ian Bogost’s work on the subject of rhetoric in exergames in order to investigate the possibility of narrative being employed persuasively within such games to encourage players to exercise.

An examination of the case study of the mobile exergame Zombies, Run! is undertaken to determine whether or not the game’s narrative can be seen as a rhetorical tool to persuade players to exercise. Analysis of testimonies from Zombies, Run! players suggest that elements of narrative persuasion, namely the process of transportation, are utilised effectively in the game to encourage physical activity. This paper therefore concludes that narrative can indeed be used within exergames as a form of rhetoric, but suggests that more research is needed in order to explore in greater depth the psychological and behavioural changes that a rhetoric of narrative can achieve within exergames.