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17-04-2014 mag 8 /


Not being square by being square: A paper on non-photorealistic rendering, Minecraft, gameplay and craftsmanship


This paper discusses the game of Minecraft, its rendering techniques and gameplay within the field of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR).

Studies on NPR focus mainly on the level of communication of non-photorealistic images that ‘remediate’ existing artistic techniques like pen-and-ink drawings. Minecraft’s graphics however, are similar to graphics of old video games or may even remediate plain old LEGO. Instead of communicating certain information, the NPR of Minecraft affords something different: craftsmanship. This in turn affords creative play. This paper concludes that due to these different affordances of NPR in Minecraft, the focus of the field of NPR should be expanded with a new category that includes the effects and affordances of NPR on craftsmanship and gameplay in videogames.