Great expectations: #NMDC extracurricular activities 2014


After a busy term 2 of the ongoing academic year, it is about time to break the news about the forthcoming extra curricular program. We have lined up an exciting program of excursions, seminars, master classes, a hackathon and a conference.

Masterclass Data Journalism on Women Peace-builders
Women are crucial in post-conflict reconstruction. They are needed in processes of peace building and peace keeping as research findings support. Often these findings are based on anecdotal and qualitative research. CoolPolitics and the Utrecht Data School received a grant by the Oxfam Novib's Women Peace and Security Program to explore ways of open data and big data research to map the specific role of women in post conflict reconstruction.
Faceless Exhibition. Seduction, Surveillance, Privace at Mediamatic, February 2014
Faceless presents practices of hiding, disguising or altering faces in public space, art and media. The exhibition, curated by Bogomir Doringer was an immediate success in Vienna last year. Mediamatic will host the Amsterdam edition which opens on January 25. NMDC students will receive a guided tour by curator Bogomir Doringer. More info follows shortly.

Mapping Issue and Online Publics in Realtime, hackathon 24 & 25 March
The Nuclear Security Summit will be the Netherlands most watched event in 2014. 58 political leaders convene in The Hague to discuss nuclear safety in an unstable world. We expect this high impact event to trend on social media as well as stimulating dissent and political opinion. In a hackathon, students of NMDC and the Utrecht Data School will map issues and publics in realtime during 24 and 25 March. (Organized by Utrecht Data School, sponsored by ICON)
Masterclass Mapping the Public Sphere with Deen Freelon, 14 – 18 April
Dee Freelon is a communication scholar at American University of Washington. His data-driven research focuses on political communication in the expanded public sphere of social media networks. Freelon will give a masterclass on computational methods and mapping online publics. 14-18 April
(organized by Utrecht Data School).
Power Diffusion in the Public Sphere workshop with Nick Couldry, 15 May 2014
While the emancipatory affect of social media is often over emphasized in a techno-populist fashion, the power diffusion to new communicators, new multipliers and a multipolar media economy is often neglected. In this workshop, we focus on the role of technology, power and actors of change. London School of Economics Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory Nick Couldry will discuss the issue of participatory governance, technology and symbolic power. (organized by Karin van Es/Utrecht Data School, sponsored by ICON).
Masterclass with Dave Berry and conference Digital Materiality, 4 & 5 June 2014
Digital humanities expert Dave Berry, author of Understanding Digital Humanities, will give a masterclass. The conference Digital Materiality with keynote speakers Dave Berry and Katie King addresses discusses the post-digital and materiality as well as the research practices of digital humanities. Conference: Digital Materiality, Post-Digital, digital humanities; Keynote speakers Dave Berry and Katie King.
Skip Intro and Film Screenings
As in previous years, there will be several Skip Intro sessions and film screenings. Following the ad-hoc spirit of these events, they will take place at short notice.