Digital Identities in Interesting Spaces


This post contains a personal introduction and brief explanation about the Digital Identities in Interesting Spaces project. I look forward to your ideas, comments and suggestions. I am also open to working in a collaborative arrangement to facilitate the project.

Dear All,

I stumbled onto this fascinating resource the other day whilst searching for information for a project I am working on. As I am neither a member of faculty nor part of the masters programme, let me begin by giving you a brief introduction.

I am based in York, UK. I have a research background in education/ ICT. The objective of my transdisciplinary PhD was to explore the use of biofeedback based gaming in primary school music education to introduce breath-awareness skills. I created a mobile gaming device and evaluated it in a classroom environment applying the Design Experiment methodology. I have a M.Sc. in Multimedia from Dublin and a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Delhi University. I also work as a multimedia strategist, having delivered projects for BBC World Service Trust, British Council, Zubaan and The Human Rights Law Network.

Since completing my research I have been independently managing an initiative called Digital Footprints. The goal is to introduce digital literacy skills to a wide range of audiences, and to promote the Internet as a space for reflection, and social media as a resource to start conversations on the basis of shared values. I've been road-testing this idea for 2 years and have delivered sessions in London/Portland/York/Delhi. A few months ago I was in Amsterdam where I gave a workshop at De Balie.

The sessions focus on the need to define a context for oneself on the Internet rather than the ability to use technology or popular websites in a mechanistic way. The workshops always produce some interesting discussions and debates. Based on the response and participant feedback so far, I've launched a project called Digital Identities in Interesting Spaces.

I use the word Digital Identity in a loose sense to suggest the bridge between our physical and digital lives through which we can define a context for the information we wish to publish on the Internet. The idea for the Interesting Spaces project is to reach out to universities, schools, galleries, museums and cultural spaces to host Digital Identity themed sessions.

I leave this message in the hope that some of you might respond to the idea and would be up for a discussion. I also appreciate any suggestions and offers to help facilitate the process of finding a host organization who will run a Digital Identity event. I have attached a PDF file with this post with more information about the sessions, including outcomes and feedback. 

I also welcome you to visit my blog, where I frequently post information about the work I do in the area of digital engagement: http://www.dhyaandesign.com/blog

Thank you for your time,


Abhay Adhikari (M.Sc., PhD)