Call for Students: MA New Media & Digital Culture


With over ten years of experience, Utrecht University's MA programme for New Media & Digital Culture teaches students about the impact of new technologies on learning, knowledge production and distribution, play, labour, and about the ways in which we can use media theory, media archaeology, game studies, and audio/visual culture theories to come to rigorous analyses of these impacts.

Within these analyses, the political aspects, the social implications, and the philosophical perspectives to new media and digital culture remain central to the MA programme's main focus.
During the one year programme our students delve into the various aspects of digital culture guided by an international team of experienced scholars. A compulsory research-internship provides our students not only with the possibility of gaining experience by working in the new media field and contesting their theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, but is also often the beginning of a promising career.
Moderately sized groups of students, individual tutoring and the possibility to participate actively in international research projects allows enthusiastic and dedicated students to develop their skills and interests in order to achieve great academic and personal results. Additionally, the dynamic and very active community of students, alumni, and scholars provides a wide array of exciting extracurricular activities and access to a large network of practitioners, media artists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and activists from the most various strands of digital culture.

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Utrecht University provides a stimulating international environment on a high academic level. A great many conferences, symposia and guest lectures as well as interdisciplinary seminars show the latest research and current trends in academia. The many events at Utrecht University allow students to meet leading international intellectuals and provide access to current debates and to the networks of the global knowledge society.
International students can join the International Neighbour Group at Utrecht University, which provides a warm welcome to the Netherlands with social and cultural activities: http://sites.google.com/site/ingutrecht/