Call for participation: Enter mobile design challenge Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC '12

by: Karlijn

Do you want to learn how to design, create and produce mobile concepts? Or do you have a nice mobile concept you want to show others? Then enter the mobile design challenge 'Best Scene in Town @PICNIC '12! You'll compete against student teams from all over the world to come up with the ultimate mobile concept. The best team will win a trip to NYC and will get the chance to pilot their concept at the PICNIC festival in September! Register your student team now and send an email to bsit@7scenes.com.

'Best Scene in Town' is a mobile design challenge in which student teams from universities from all over the world compete to create the ultimate mobile experience for the PICNIC festival crowd in Amsterdam. At this year's challenge, universities will battle against each other. With a team from your university you will work to come up with a creative mobile concept using the 7scenes platform. After signing up your team, you will enter a series of hands-on creative sessions to design, develop and ultimately pilot your mobile concepts with the 7scenes platform. The winning team will launch their concept at the PICNIC '12 festival in Amsterdam! Besides coming up with groundbreaking location-based concepts, this year we also would like to invite you to submit any local mobile project already developed at your university. Projects, for instance, that were developed in university curriculum on location-based media. The challenge for your team will then be to adjust the concept so it can be produced in Amsterdam. What's the wait? Sign up your team! The 'Best Scene in Town @PICNIC '12' is now open for registration! Sign up your team before entry deadline June 8. To sign up, please send an email to bsit@7scenes.com. You can learn more about the challenge, requirements and deadlines on our website www.bestsceneintown.com or visit our Facebookpage!