Skip_intro: The Promise and Perils of 3D Printing

by: kfvanes

On this evening, Skip_intro will, in coöperation with SETUP, talk about the promises and perils of 3D printing.

Skip Intro is a series of primarily ad hoc-organized meetings in which academics, artists, politicians and woring professionals give brief lectures and presentations about current-day issues in which new media play a significant role.

This evening the talks will cover the theme of 3D printing. Transdisciplinary speakers will critically look at the promises and pitfalls for this new medium. SETUP will talk about the lessons she learned while organising the 'digital art robbery'.


17:00: walk-in
17:15: intro to concept Skip Intro
17:25: intro to SETUP & Digitale Kunstroof project - Tijmen Schep
17:45: Demo & SWOT analysis - Maarten Kip
18:15: Talk: "3D printing and social change" - Mirko Tobias Schaefer
18:45: Questions & Discussion
19:00: Drinks
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Parnassos Cultuurcentrum Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht