Keynote Howard Rheingold

by: kfvanes

On Tuesday April 2nd 2013 renowned writer and critic Howard Rheingold will give a keynote and College Tour for Mediawijzer.net, New Media & Digital Culture, and Cultures & Identities at Utrecht University. Rheingold will speak about media literacy and his book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. The keynote and College Tour will be held at Drift 21 room 0.32 on April 2nd, from 14:15 - 16:45. Have you always wanted to pick Rheingold's brain about something? During the College Tour you will have the opportunity to do so!

Rheingold and Net Smart
Rheingold is one of the godfathers of American thinking on media literacy. His book Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution was a bestseller in 2002. Last year he wrote the much praised book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

Howard about Net Smart: “Instead of confining my exploration to whether or not Google is making us stupid, Facebook is commoditizing our privacy, or Twitter is chopping our attention into microslices (all good questions), I've been asking myself and others how to use social media intelligently, humanely and above all mindfully. This book is about what I've learned.”

Media literacy guru Henry Jenkins, who is featured frequently in the Mediawijzer yearbook 2013 , wrote about him: “Howard Rheingold has been one of the smartest, most forward thinking, most provocative writers about digital culture for the past several decades. He’s someone who always makes me think. Even a short hall way chat with Howard at a conference can lead to transformative insights about how we live within a networked culture.”

  • 14.00-14.15 uur: Doors open
  • 14.15-14.30 uur: Introduction
  • 14.30-15.20 uur: Keynote Howard Rheingold
  • 15.20-15.40 uur: Q&A
  • 15.40-16.00 uur: Coffee break
  • 16.00-16.45 uur: College Tour based on questions by the public (submit before March 25)

Attending Keynote and College Tour
Do you want to attend the keynote and/or the College Tour? Registration is free, but mandatory. Your seat will be confirmed. There's room for about 190 people, so be quick! Register for the session with Howard Rheingold

Do you have a question you would like to ask? Let us know! Submit your question for Rheingold

This event is organised by Mediawijzer.net, the New Media & Digital Culture MA programme at Utrecht University, and Cultures & Identities.





Drift 21, #0.32, Utrecht University