CIID Summer School 2014 Workshop "A Free-to-Play World" June 30th-July 4th


In this one week course, Hubbub principals Alper Cugun and Kars Alfrink invite participants to deconstruct the logic of free-to-play games and apply it to a playful system of their own.
Workshop dates:
June 30th-July 4th
The games industry has been radically transformed by free-to-play. The core premise of this business model is that players do not pay for access to the game itself. Instead all kinds of (game) design patterns are used to persuade or coerce them to pay money after they have started playing.
Virtually every game genre has been re-imagined as free-to-play. While clearly a commercial success, the approach has also received criticism for leading to exploitative game design.
Experiences with digital media such as games condition our expectations of how the world works. Free-to-play as a ‘business model’ is a persuasive idea. Entrepreneurs, technologists, artists and designers can imagine new products, services or experiences that operate on the free-to-play logic.
Anything can be framed as a game. Doing so can lead to provocative and engaging results. In this course, we challenge you to deconstruct free-to-play and to apply its mechanisms to the design of a new service operating in Copenhagen.
In the process, you will analyse, model, simulate and invent existing and new game mechanics. You will make playable prototypes of your design at various scales. Finally, you will communicate your design in such a way that people can understand both the complex system from a bird’s eye view and relate to the first-person perspective of operating within it.
In doing so, we will ask and possibly answer the question: Who does the code of free-to-play compute for?
Kars Alfrink & Alper Çugun
source: http://ciid.dk/education/summer-school/ciid-summer-school-2014/workshops/a-free-to-play-world/





Copenhagen Denmark