Promises and Perils of Big Data


The term 'Big Data' currently describes the application of large scale data collection, mining and analysis. Due to the enthusiastic commentary in mainstream media, 'big data' are widely associated with the ability to solve all kind of problems at decreasing costs. However, many applications of big data as well as the impact of using large scale data sets are yet to explore.


This research revisits the accounts of big data published in scholarly and popular domain in order to gain an overview of promises and perils. Additionally to this inventory meta research, case examples are used to identify critical issues in the practice of big data application. Additionally this research uses open sources to map opinion leaders, practicioners and stake holders in the field of 'big data' in the Netherlands.
In cooperation with our partner (a Dutch public administration) and the principal investigator, the students will revisit the research results concerning potential 'issues of concern' and assess their impact on policy making, public opinion and debate.
What do we expect:
We are looking for two MA students who are hard-working and ambitious with a sincere interest in the social impact of information technology. An ability to devour largenumbers of text and excerpt their essentials to comprehensive reading summaries is key. Preferably, the applicants are familiar with qualitative research methods such as unstructured interviews and discourse analysis. No specific technical skills are required for this internship. However, excellent academic skills are prerequired. The students will receive a training in data collection, analysis and visualization at the Utrecht Data School.
Please send a motivation letter with an indication of your skills to daniela@dataschool.nl no later than July 19th.



01-09-2014 - 30-11-2014


Utrecht Data School




18 Jul 2014 22:00