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by: VanRouge

What is the criteria for a succesfull app? 1. The idea 2. The developers 3 The execution?


Hi There,


Sometimes it just happens. You come up with an idea for an app because for the simple reason; you have a need and there is still no app that gives you the answer. But how can I get this done while I have a full time job and I'm not the guy who can build apps?  

I'm one of those persons who has this experience. 


So I started to write down and tweaking the idea, talked to people and got some relevant feedback and now I'm at this point; let's build it.

There are several routes to choose and the 1 I like most is working with 2 young persons that; believe in the idea, now a thing or 2 about  Social media and last but not least; can build this app.

Motivation for this route is that I'm still working full time ( and will continue)  and my current job can leverage the project. (free media great ;-). I don"t  have 20K for developing the app AND  I got fan of this approach http://gettingreal.37signals.com/ (in the book you can find the answer on the main question ;-)


My next step is finding these 2 persons.

So if your mind is saying "this got me curious and fit's my lifestyle". Please send me a message and we can meet up for a drink and find out if there is a match. 











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