a project manager with an entrepreneurial spirit to work with museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries and festivals.

INTK is a young and ambitious studio based in Utrecht. We are specialised in developing digital strategies for cultural organisations.

We work with several museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organisations we work with are: Van Gogh Museum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Kasteel de Haar, Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid, Le Guess Who festival, etc.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. Forty years ago very few people worked out/participated in sports on a regular basis. Today, many people dedicate several hours a week to play sports. Inspired by the changes in the sports sector, we would like to bring a similar change to the cultural sector. It is our goal to encourage people who love culture to engage in cultural activities on a weekly basis. For example, we want to encourage people that love cinema to go to the movies every week.

We are looking for an art & culture ‘aficionado’ interested in joining our team as project manager. We will consider junior project managers as well as a senior project managers in this application process. We expect that you have at least 1 year experience managing the process of developing a website. This is a full-time job.

Please do not feel too disappointed with our website. We need a new one and that is one of the reasons we are hiring you. Also you will notice that we do not have a portfolio online. Here are 3 websites we developed:  

Three reasons why we love our job:

We work with great content
We love beautiful content. Cultural organisations have amazing audio/visual material. Just think about the amazing material that museums, theaters, cinemas, festivals have. We learn about amazing topics during every project.

We work for large audiences
Like you, we love to craft perfect websites. What is the point to sweat for a website that is going to receive a couple of hundred visits a week? Cultural organisations naturally have a large audience. The websites you will develop are going to be visited by thousands of people.

We work for great clients
If you develop the website of the best law firm in the world, you will probably be paid really well. But does it deliver a good story? Can you imagine yourself in a party telling your friends about that new project you are working for this big-shot lawyers? Well museums and cultural organisation are easy to relate to. Everybody will know what you are talking about. Who does not know Mondriaan?


At INTK you will slowly be responsible for all parts of the business. This includes:

  • Account manager: you are responsible to keep at least 10 cultural organisations happy;
  • Project manager: we will teach you how to manage the entire process of developing a website;
  • Business manager: we will teach you how to be an entrepreneur by sending your own invoices and taking care of the financial part of the business.
  • Business developer: you will go to several pitches new cultural organisations encouraging them to work with us.

INTK is one of the leading marketing agencies in the cultural sector. We are ambitious and looking forward to expand with new ideas and markets. Within a couple of years your position can grow into more responsibility and completely new tasks.

You are:

  • Passionated about art and culture;
  • You can sell a good product and you speak dutch;
  • You are not afraid of code or reading technical specifications;
  • Ideally you have a master degree; 

What we offer:

  • Offices at the centre of Utrecht;
  • Work with a young international team;
  • Your first year salary is comparable to a manager in the cultural sector. Your salary will grow as fast as your achievements;
  • 5 weeks holidays (25 days)

Did we get your attention? Please send your motivation letter and CV to work@intk.com. We already started the interviews so the earlier you send the email the better.



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INTK - Utrecht




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