Internship: ClickNL|Games


CLICKNL|Games is looking for an intern (starting as soon as possible or January 2016). Apply before the 15th of December via the e-mail address stated below!

(ClickNL|Games is a project being done by the Dutch Games Association. Interested applicants can contact irmgard.noordhoek@dutchgamesassociation.nl)

CLICKNL|Games promotes collaboration between researchers, businesses, and the government when it comes to Research and Innovation. CLICKNL|Games is part of a stimulation program for applied games (Growing Games), but also falls organizationally directly under the Dutch Games Association, which is the sector organization for the Dutch games industry.

What do we offer?
A diverse, informative, and energetic internship in the center of the games industry! You will be part of a compact team of experienced professionals, where strategic work is being done, and where the responsibility falls on the shoulders of CLICKNL|Games to make the games industry as accessible as possible. You will be located in a dynamic, creative, but also commercial environment right in the middle of game development companies at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. Note: This is not a graduation internship, hence you won’t be able to fully conduct your own research. Partial research into the broad subject is possible.

To facilitate the finding and promoting of and among individuals and/or parties, we will be building various databases, for which we will need considerable support in progressing the development of said databases on our platform. This involves the creation of a Dutch Games database and portfolios of existing businesses. Furthermore, there should also be management of these databases when it comes to the relevant research and researchers. The tasks involve making a plan of categories to facilitate the finding and browsing of the database, further expanding the database, and the inserting of the acquired information into the database. Technical know-how is not necessary for this, but applicants should have a good feel for information and communication, along with perseverance.

You are an enthusiastic, proactive and creative intern, currently following HBO or WO studies. You have an affinity for the games industry and are able to work in an orderly and independent fashion. You are also comfortable with the collecting and the making available of data. You are hands-on and know how to quickly implement ideas. To properly perform your tasks, it is important that you are able to distinguish between main and secondary issues, and also be able to communicate well with others. Furthermore, a good grasp of the English language is important, given the fact that the platform is presented entirely in English. For this internship, you have to be able to work at the very least 3 days a week at the office, and are able to work from home on the other days. The start of the internship can be discussed, however starting as soon as possible is preferable.

Who are we?
The Dutch Games Association, CLICKNL|Games, and Growing Games facilitate (through contributions from members and partners) the games industry, which consists of but is not limited to; game development companies (both entertainment and applied), knowledge and education institutes, and other organizations that are involved with gaming (such as marketing companies, publishers, etc). The facilitating is done through various means, such as the maintaining of our online social platform, newsletters and mailings, booklets and flyers, videos, attendance at (international) fairs, the spreading of industry-related knowledge, and the facilitating of collaboration between companies, so the industry can further grow and develop. We also frequently give information about the industry to third parties. We work closely with the Dutch Game Garden (game incubator), the Federatie Creatieve Industrie, CLICKNL, and the government.

Internship compensation
€250,- a month for a 36 hour workweek.

Interested applicants can apply before the 15th of December through: irmgard.noordhoek@dutchgamesassociation.nl



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