Internship: Accidental Innovation


For a groundbreaking research on innovation, disruption and socio-political critique of and through technology, Mirko Tobias Schäfer is looking for two ambitious and enthusiastic MA (or RMA) students.

The students will participate in the joint effort of the Vienna-based AtechRes (artistictechnology.at) to investigate how media artists, hackers, engineers and developers generate knowledge, document work processes and distribute information. The aim is to reveal the potential of innovation emerging beyond the formal and established institutions of knowledge and innovation production.
Research project 1)
In this research project, the student will conduct literature research and a mapping of issue networks. The aim of the mapping is to cover formal and informal networks of collaborators and participants in developer communities related to media art, hacking and DIY development. The student will employ a method mix of digital methods and qualitative research.
Research project 2)
Visiting labs, hacker spaces and artists' studios, the student conducts a series of half structured interviews and observation protocols covering working processes and methods. Supported by a sound review of literature in participative observation and qualitative empirical research this research project aims at a description of practices of and motives for technology appropriation.
Period of internship: 1 March to 30 April 2013 (this is negotiable)
Students will be supervised by Mirko Tobias Schäfer; working language Dutch/English. Intership location is NL. A research visit to Vienna is possible during my research stay in Vienna (April-July).
Please send you application with a brief motivation letter and your CV to Lisette van Blokland at office@mtschaefer.net (closing date for this call February 27)

More information on the Artistic Technology research project and for a personal account of my research activities in Vienna read this blog post.



01-03-2013 - 30-04-2013


Universiteit Utrecht




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