Development of Grant Reviews for the Digital Culture Project Call


Internship with Prins Claus Fonds for Culture & Development, Amsterdam

Development of Grant Reviews for the Digital Culture Project Call

for Information contact Joumana El Zein Khoury: j.elzein@princeclausfund.nl.

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Annually Prince Claus Fund issues two international calls. The First Call (February) focuses on a particular region, whereas the Second Call (June), tackles a certain theme. In 2012 the First Call concentrated on the region of South East and Central Asia and the Second Call dealt with the topic of Digital Culture. The Calls encompass a number of organizations and individuals all around the world. Due to the scope and extent of the projects Prince Claus Fund decided to develop a comprehensive analysis of each Call.
Thus, the goal of your internship would be to conceptualize and compile a Digital Call Re-view that could provide an interesting overview of contexts, projects and grantees. In the future your work will provide an excellent source for research and communication.
The task includes writing summaries, establishing connections with the grantees, analyzing major themes and communicating with editors and designers. The Re-view will be published in both online and print version.
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01-02-2013 - 30-04-2013


Prins Claus Fond, Amsterdam




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