Content Internship at Born05

by: Eltje

Born05 is looking for a Content Intern. And that's good news, because now you have the chance to get the ultimate internship, if content is your thing.

For starters, we're looking for HBO/WO-level (e.g. Communication or School for Journalism). 


1. You're going to write, write. And then write some more


Born05 builds relationships with its clients by creating and designing tailor-made customer journeys, using al means to connect with customers. From online magazine to a weblog and everything in-between, which means that we need copy. And not just any copy, but thoughtful words that fit the medium and the target audience. 



2. You're a content chameleon


Think like a coffee-enthusiast. Or a traveller. Stock broker. Take your pick, but you have to act, think, but ultimately write like the people you want to reach. So if you have a specific style, good luck with that. We're looking for someone who can write in different styles and surroundings. You have to know what's relevant to the reader and act on it. 


3. You will get the full agency treatment 


Content production is only a phase in a journey. Before we do that we develop a strategy, concepts, the works. As an intern you will get the opportunity to follow all different stages before actual content production.


4. You will find out what PHP means...


There's a smorgasbord of disciplines around here. From designers to front-end developers, from creatives to project managers. You will get to work alongside all of them. And that will give you some valuable insights (and, just a little hint, PHP is nerd speak for programming).


5. You will become a FIFA god(dess)


Work? Important. Fun. Hell yeah! You will be part of our team. So you will join our endless string of parties and football tournaments (digital and with da fooss). 

Yes, that's lovely.



Feel free to browse around on this beautiful website if you want to get to know us better. But if you're already hooked, send your motivation and background info to jobs@born05.com. Do add some work so we can check out your skills. 


Still have some questions? Get in touch with Eltje Huisman, Eltje@born05.com



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