Community Manager/ Translator/ Administrator

by: Cyberstep

Cyberstep, a Japanese Game Company is looking for Community-Managers, Administrators and Translators in Utrecht!

We are especially looking for people with good German and/or French skills.

We opened an office in Utrecht in the Netherlands last year and are looking for people
to bolster our team there. Being able to speak the languages of our future customers is
important to us and therefore we are looking for language-talents with an interest
in online gaming.

Being able to speak English is a requirement. But besides that we are very interested in
German and French speakers. Skills in Dutch, Japanese or any other language would be a plus.

The work consists mainly of doing customer support, both in and out of game as well as
translating content into the native language of our customers. Of course you will also
be involved into the management of our servers and websites and there is also the
possibility of branching out later on.

Cyberstep is a globally operating Japanese company with subsidiaries all over the world.
Working with us is certainly a good chance to gather some valuable intercultural
experience. We are a very young company with the average age of our employees being 26.

This is no unpaid internship, we are looking for part time workers...which does not have
to be the end of your career with Cyberstep.

If you are interested please send a CV and your relevant certificates to grosse@cyberstep.com

About Cyberstep:

Since 2001, CyberStep, Inc. has developed and managed very successful online games.
Our titles are played worldwide in over 10 different countries. These titles include: C21,
GetAmped, CosmicBreak, GetAmped2, and Holy Beast. The newest addition to Cyberstep's lineup is the
browser strategy game Cosmic Commander which is awaiting its worldwide release. Following current
trends Cyberstep aims to establish itself in the market for smartphone games and also develops
high-tech business solutions and gadgets like the KDJ-ONE, a portable audio workstation with
impressive capabilities. The company is lately expanding into Europe and Taiwan while strengthening
its postion in North America, Korea and Japan. CyberStep is always looking for new opportunities
and aiming to connect different cultures around the world through high quality entertainment and



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