Community Manager/ Translator/ Administrator

by: Cyberstep

Language-geeks with an interest in online games...look no further!
Cyberstep is looking for part-time workers in Utrecht!

Good English skills are a must!
We are especially looking for people with very good German and/or French skills.

Cyberstep is a Japanese software developer and mainly distributes free to play
online games. We recently opened an office in Utrecht and are looking for people
to bolster our team here.

Being able to speak the languages of our future customers is important to us and therefore
we are looking for language-talents with an interest in online gaming.

Being able to speak English is a requirement. But besides that we are very interested in:
German, French, Turkish and Russian speakers.
Skills in Dutch, Japanese, Persian or Arabic would be a plus.

The work would center around translation, coordination, and interaction with
our customers in their native language.

Cyberstep is a globally operating company with subsidiaries all over the world.
Working in a Japanese company is certainly a good chance to polish ones intercultural
business skills as well as experience the Japanese work ethic. That being said, we are
a company with less formal procedures than one would expect, which might be because
of our young employees (average age 25 years) and the market we operate in.
Teamwork and a radical openness for discussion are one of the cornerstones of our
company and we invite you to be a part of it!

This is no unpaid internship, we are looking for part time workers...which does not have
to be the end of your career with Cyberstep.

If you are interested please send a CV to grosse@cyberstep.com




01-03-2012 - 01-09-2013


Cyberstep B.V.




28 Feb 2012 23:00