2 Scholarships: volg 10 weken Singularity University @NASA Campus


Topstudenten (ook afgestudeerden) van alle mogelijke disciplines worden gevraagd om de sociale cohesie in NL te verbeteren op een radicaal nieuwe en effectieve manier. Zij kunnen maar liefst 2 gratis scholarships winnen t.w.v. 25.000 dollar. 10 weken op het NASA campus bouwen aan een betere wereld met 150 topsprekers op bovenstaande gebieden. Een droom, een transformatie, een unieke kans. Doel is om de wereld significant beter te maken.

Deadline voor het insturen van de oplossing is 15 maart a.s. via http://www.singularityuniversity.nl/Contest.aspx.


See: http://www.singularityuniversity.nl/Contest.aspx


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An exciting component of Singularity University’s impact in the world is through the outreach and partnerships of its Global Impact Competitions. With the prize of attending Singularity University, we are crafting numerous competitions around the globe where competitors must develop and implement projects to positively impact people around their local regions. T-Mobile and Freedomlab will provide two students in the Netherlands with this prize ($25.000) to attend the Graduate Studies Program.

You can apply for this contest by sending your problem solution (in 2 A4s) with the application form on the right. The contest will run from 30th January – 15th March 2012 (23:00h).

SU is looking forward to expanding this program and partnering with institutions, companies, governments and NGOs that have a keen interest in sending students to Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program and launching local impact competitions. In late 2009, a trial contest was run with FIAP, a Brazilian university, for one GSP10 slot. The outcome was extraordinary (see case study). For the GSP11 class, SU managed 8 different competitions with partners around the globe to provide scholarships for 13 students.


  • (Former) students under 30 years of all studies in the Netherlands.
  • With an excellent academic track record and performance.
  • With an entrepreneurial track record (start-up / company experience, additional functions during study).
  • Submitting an original and unique solution leveraging exponential technologies to tackle key global or Dutch challenges impacting at least millions of people in 10 years from now. This solution should be focused on stimulating and enhancing the social cohesion/integration locally (E.g. differences between rich and poor, less cultural tension, social change).


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