Coding like crazy

by: yokoama
It's been a couple of months now at Georgia tech and I have been coding like crazy. Besides this Jay Bolter and Janet Murray are giving some excellent classes. It has been fun!
Help our back-enders with your front-end whizzkid skills!


Help our back-enders with your front-end whizzkid skills!

We believe in a dream job for everyone. And to reach that goal we created http://WOVOX.com. One of our ways to get there is HTML and CSS. But our development team loves back-end work, not front-end. Do you love turning awesome design into clickable stuff? Want to help us do our dream job with a job you love doing?


(junior) Webdeveloper bij Evident in Utrecht

by: Evident
Wil jij jezelf (verder) ontwikkelen als webdeveloper bij het leukste fullservice internetbureau van de regio Utrecht? Evident is het nummer 9 full service internetbureau van Nederland én het leukste bureau van Utrecht! Samen met ruim 60 internetspecialisten en generalisten ga je werken voor topklanten en succescases zoals: Rabovastgoed, Hogeschool Utrecht en Danone. Wij zijn op zoek naar gemotive...