1. Boes
    2013-07-30 15:24

    De inschrijving van de tweede editie van de Utrecht Data School is geopend. Je kunt je nu opgeven om deel te nemen aan deze bijzondere cursus.

  2. Raessens
    2013-06-15 11:39

    Een unieke lamp die kapot ging, een knopje voor de stereo - maken we ze straks gewoon thuis met onze 3D-printer?

  3. yokoama
    2013-06-02 02:11

    After one year at The Georgia Institute of Technology I now find myself in an apartment a couple of minutes walking from Central Parc, NYC. eBay has given me a crazy internship. I am having doubts whether or not I will even be able to deliver anything at the end. This leads to some insights on my studies and perhaps yours...

  4. 2013-05-30 14:52

    A reflection on my time spent interning with the Institute of Network Cultures, where I focussed specifically on their unique Unlike Us initiative. My internship contained a balance of research and practical tasks, all of which tied into a theme of understanding social media platforms through a critical lens.

  5. 2013-05-30 11:20

    A symposium organized during Big Data Week Utrecht by Karin van Es and Tom van de Wetering and sponsored by Utrecht Data School. Through a high-powered speaker panel and a roundtable discussion, the different ways in which frameworks for thinking about and working with big data are being developed and actuated in practice. Part II summarizes the main points of Thomas van Manen, Johannes Paßmann, Sylvain Le Borgne and Thomas Boeschoten. Amateur video recordings of each speaker on YouTube are linked here. Comments and reactions on these articles are welcome!