1. Fabian
    2013-11-14 17:04

    For three months I conducted ethnographic research in the Netherlands on work-, documentation-, and research-practices among artists, designers and institutions working on the cross-section of art, science, and technology. After finishing my research I was invited to visit Vienna and present the results at the Artistic Technology Research Lab.

  2. annsophie
    2013-11-11 11:35

    Summer 2014 Institutes in Washington, DC
    Full Scholarships Available for Citizens of the Netherlands
    Application Deadline – January 15, 2014

    The Fund for American Studies has four full scholarships available for students from the Netherlands to attend one of the five summer institutes offered in Washington, DC.

    Washington, DC Programs
    Each of the five Institutes in Washington enable students to get a firsthand look at the American system of government by living, learning, and interning in DC for the summer.

  3. Rene
    2013-10-28 18:32

    From February to May 2013 I did my internship at the newspaper “Imagen de Veracruz”, located in the Gulf of Mexico. During these three months I designed and ran the CIG project, which consist of the production of graphic reports using a new type of image that I analysed previously in one of my papers for the Master in New Media and Digital Culture: The cinemagraph, the type of digital image that looks like a photo and “magically” comes alive.

  4. Daphne
    2013-10-26 16:08

    From April 22nd until Juli 12th, I did my internship at Amborio, a Nieuwegein-based small company that wants to help young entrepreneurs get through their first year(s) after startup. My internship research and my practical assignment for Amborio involved the way they could use social media to be better-known among new startups.

  5. Therese
    2013-09-30 09:49

    During a three months internship at the Centre for the Humanities (CfH) at Utrecht University, I gained valuable insights into academic life and the cultural environment of Utrecht.