1. Kees
    2014-02-02 19:20

    Stephan Hawking and Donna Haraway are two scientists who have outspoken ideas about what the merge of technology and humans actually means to us. Hawking, who has recently joined a Cambridge University think tank that deals with issues of possible take-overs of the human species by apparatus (computers) with sufficient artificial intelligence, is concerned about the evolution of our species. For him, the Darwinian phase of evolution has ended as the human species is nearly done from a natural selection perspective.

  2. 2014-01-26 12:41

    After a busy term 2 of the ongoing academic year, it is about time to break the news about the forthcoming extra curricular program. We have lined up an exciting program of excursions, seminars, master classes, a hackathon and a conference.

  3. 2014-01-19 18:28

    Women are crucial in post-conflict reconstruction. They are needed in processes of peace building and peace keeping as research findings support. Often these findings are based on anecdotal and qualitative research. CoolPolitics and the Utrecht Data School received a grant by the Oxfam Novib's Women Peace and Security Program to explore ways of open data and big data research to map the specific role of women in post conflict reconstruction.

  4. 2014-01-16 13:51

    I did my internship at video game publisher Activision Blizzard Benelux, based in Schiphol-Rijk. Being the worlds largest independent game publisher this provided me with 6 months of hard work, which paid off in various ways, learning to develop business and marketing skills personally as well as professionally. My research focused on the trade marketing positioning of new title Call of Duty: Ghosts, based on an analysis of Call of Duty’s fan culture.

  5. Imar
    2013-12-09 00:32

    As the original post with tutor applications from the class of September 2013 had to be 404'd (it generated a Fatal Error because of too many comments -- yeah, we know...) here is its archive, rescued from the database.